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It’s a dark spring night, cold and unpleasant; the City of Manhattan has never looked so black, as you glance down at your watch you pause as you are about to read the time of the night. You sit there waiting, watching, for the flickering lights of the subway to cycle again so you can see through the shadows. The time reads 2:03 am, it’s late, an end to a long day. On the opposing side of the train you see the silhouette of what appears to be another passenger, you make him out to be a man. Even as the lights flicker you can only make out an outline of his facial features. He has done nothing to you, you don’t even know him, he just sits there, cold as stone; it was as if he met eye to eye with Medusa herself. The mood of the subway is heavy, and the air thickens as the lights flicker off from the rubble on the tracks that rock the train as it darts to the next station. You both once again enter absolute darkness. Not a word, nor sound can be heard, just the repetitive trance like sounds of the subway trekking along the tracks. As you look at yourself in the reflection of the window, your mind can’t help but wonder, and a thought enters your head, a seemingly harmless thought; yet one that yields such power and potential its effects are and will always be an unforeseen transcended act of fate.

What if you decided to follow this man?

Who is he? What does he do? What is his business at 2 AM? In this moment you make the bold life changing decision to find out. Your destination is three stops away. As you approach the next station, its lights glare in through the window and you see your new friend stand up. It is his stop. You nonchalantly stand up and walk toward the door furthest from him yet closest to you. As he exits the subway, you follow twenty yards behind. At this point, he doesn’t appear notice you. If he did, it is all a coincidence that you both got off at the same station; he can’t read your mind nor could have seen you pondering your actions back on the subway which have lead you to this moment. He is completely unaware as to your presence and intentions. You have the upper hand. Your mark begins to approach the subway exit, up a long flight of concrete stairs lit only by the moonlight shining through at the other end. You briefly notice what appears to be a full moon, but you can’t be bothered with mediocre observations at this point in time, you are on a mission. As he walks at a steady pace down the street he sticks to the path under the street lamps as to light his way. You walk to right, along the buildings, lurking in the shadows. Your adrenalin begins to pump; the excitement of your current journey has you on a natural high, euphoria and thrills of the catch is your domain this night. You do the only thing you know to be right. You slowly reach over to the collar of your black double-breasted pea coat and flip it up. Your jacket covers seventy percent of your face, the rest, by the shadows of fate. If anyone were to notice you all they would see would be whites of your eyes; though given your current journey and its intentions, those whites might as well be filled with an empty blackness, a color given its meaning by the manifestation of pure nothingness. Five city blocks go by, it has just been the two of you, not one other person, not one other car. He begins to feel a presence, you aren’t a professional, he notices you. A connection is made in his subconscious; you must be the same guy from the subway. He slowly begins to pick up the pace, “Am I being followed?”, he thinks to himself. Though he is unsure, he can’t be sure. What if he is wrong, and he approaches you; he may be thought of as crazy. So he presses on, toward his destination at an increased speed. You now risk the chance of losing him, “Why is he walking faster?” This intrigues you, “What is he hiding?” You pick up the pace. You are now being sucked into his world, his mind-set, and his schema of thinking; this is no longer a game, nor a simple moonlit walk- this just got serious. Your mark glances back as he approaches the corner and peers into the shadows, “what made him look back?” He now knows he is being followed. He veers off his path to his destination; he walks in the complete opposite direction and doubles back. You have been figured out, but he seems harmless enough, so once more you follow his every step; he must have something good to hide if following him caused him to double back. Your minds, by a twist of fate set into motion by a single harmless thought, have become linked, intertwined; yet neither of you realize it.

Once more he glances back and sees you, he sees you there in the shadows lurking, watching him, observing, following, stalking. There isn’t a doubt in his mind that he is being followed, that you are the same guy from the subway.  The chance that two people would double back on the same block at the same pace is anything but a coincidence. He snaps…

Two worlds collide as you are both frozen in time. At this point one of two things has to happen: One, he will approach you and demand with aggression, yet a hint of fear, “Who are you?” or “What do you want with me?” If this is the response, this man has a clear conscience, and has done nothing wrong in his life to warrant being stalked. Two, he will continue to evade you, he will run, he will dodge, but with stealth and precision through careful thought as to lose you in the quickest most evasive maneuver possible. If this is the response, the fear inside of his mind has gotten the better of him. It is unsafe to approach you; for you see, at this moment, if he runs, his mind is personifying his deepest fears vicariously though you. You will have triggered something hidden deep within the depths of his unconscious mind. At one point in his life he must have committed an immoral, and unethical act. By following him, it would [will] have triggered the “repercussions of the act he committed” you will become the force of Karma, of God, of The Law, here to seek retribution and justice, to set the slate clean and slam the Tablets of Moses upon his forehead. To take him down and make him pay for his deed is the only purpose you seek. Based off of his crime or action you can be anything to him; The Police, FBI, CIA, The Mob, an assassin, you are whomever he so fears. You are no longer seen as yourself, you are transformed. Yet you do not know it.

As he looks back at you, billions of neurons begin firing off signals at a rate of over a million a nano-seconds connecting synapses from his left and right brain creating an electrical storm of fear and chaos. A car comes speeding by; the direction the car is coming is toward his back, the car’s lights beam upon your face. You both lock eyes for this brief moment in time. His world stands still; you are overcome with excitement, his mind overloads and splits. It is almost as if he is standing outside of his body overlooking the whole situation. He sees from a plane’s point of view, overhead, overlooking the stage you have both created on this hallowed night. There you both are, standing, gazing, in the middle of the sidewalk, him under a street lamp and you diagonally in a shadow cast over by a nearby awning. Each moment to him seems like an hour, his perspective spins back into his body as a lightning bolt of reality strikes him. His pupils dilate and the veins on his forehead begin to extrude. His heart is now pumping blood at ten times the resting rate; his heart will soon pump out pure air. He feels pressure on his temples, the vice clamp contracts and consumes his head full tilt. You can hear the adrenal glad discharge an extensive amount of adrenalin; it mixes with his blood. Fight or flight is now fully active. The electrical storm in his brain signals his muscles, they contract as his blood pulses through his arteries into his arms and hands; they are now clenched into fists. His conscience mind ceases all operations and his subconscious takes hold. All control is lost. Without warning he darts down the block into the night, you lose him in less than the blink of the eye.

You walk back to your apartment wondering what just happened, but you couldn’t really care; it was fun, an adventure to pass the time at 2 AM. Little do you know, you just set into effect a series of events that will forever change this man’s life.

As the other man approaches his once safe-haven of a home his mind begins to trap him into a world of darkness, a world of questions without answers, of paranoia, of fear; a world of a living hell. His perception shifts from the social norm, he begins to question all he knows. He sees cars out front of his apartment that he never noticed. The license plates stick in his mind. He wonders if they live by him, or they are there for him, he wonders of their purpose. Yesterday a new camera was installed for security purposes on the adjacent building. He just notices it now. He freezes with fear. His adrenaline keeps pumping, his mind can’t discern between reality and fantasy, he has lost all reasonable judgment, he trembles as he climbs up the stairs to the building’s front door. It was just painted, why was it painted? He can’t figure it out, everything he notices now has no base, no grounding in reality. He begins to slip into his imagination; the real world as he once knew it, is no more. All that is left is this imposing reality cast upon him by his own mind; here, his emotions of fear keep him captive. He crawls into bed, pulls the sheets over his head, and his mind becomes filled with the dark black cold of nothingness.

There are things worse than death in this life. Our normal man has entered his Rabbit Hole; where up is down, where everything has a meaning and symbolic purpose, where there is only yes and no, black and white, right or left, where he is victim to himself, where there is no escape, no reason, no help, no hope. Where paranoia reigns.

Imagine the power. Imagine what would happen, how easy it is to trigger an emotional and mental reaction.

The human mind is a powerful tool, it can even be said to be a weapon. Though, what happens when that tool, that weapon, focuses all of its power, energy, and potential, on its owner? What happens when your own mind turns against you? What options does that leave you with?

It all starts with a simple question, a trigger, a question that you can’t answer that is left open and floating in the air. It’s when you try and answer this question that you open a door that can never be closed. Once you walk through, there is only one way out and it’s not the way you came in. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. Here, your world is ruled by an intricate series of tunnels, traps, dead ends, pit-falls, and darkness. Fate rules your world, you no longer have domain over your life, your will. You are always fighting a losing battle. Every time you think you have found a way out, it will be sealed off, every glimmer of hope will be shot down, you are fighting the very mind that has created the tunnels of the Rabbit Hole. The only way out is to venture deeper in, find the problem, and create a new escape.

You pick a mark, a seemingly random person and decide to follow him. Though in actuality was it fate that put you in that place at that time, was it fate that the thought you had to follow that man entered your head? Did you have a choice to follow him? You will never know, the decision was already made and you had already preformed an action. Your action has now presented an unanswerable question, there is nothing more you can do but to sit back and watch as you have just trapped a man in, The Rabbit Hole.

Or, will he be sitting back and watching, as you fall victim to the Rabbit Hole.


A Michael Wolf “Short”

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[An Immediate Update] Whitney Houston’s Death

[supertagline] Shocking News Update! Death Of Whitney Houston [/supertagline]

Updated: 12:59pm (2/12/12) [We are staying with the story to keep you updated!]
“Share you thoughts and leave her a loving message in the comment section…”

Whitney Houston Died Today At The Age of 48

Hours after I had just published an unedited version of my Positive Psychology article this tragic and devastating news of our beloved singer hits all of the media channels. I only wish that I personally could have spoken to her and offer some advice. I hate reading things like this. Please as I reiterate this point, as you share this news and show this information to your friends on Facebook and Twitter, speak about her in the most positive way possible.

She was declared dead at 3:55 at the age of 48 – Truely A Horrible Event!

“Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music’s queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 48.

Houston’s publicist, Kristen Foster, said Saturday that the singer had died, but the cause and the location of her death were unknown.

News of Houston’s death came on the eve of music’s biggest night — the Grammy Awards. It’s a showcase where she once reigned, and her death was sure to case a heavy pall on Sunday’s ceremony. Houston’s longtime mentor Clive Davis was to hold his annual concert and dinner Saturday; it was unclear if it was going to go forward.

At her peak, Houston the golden girl of the music industry. From the middle 1980s to the late 1990s, she was one of the world’s best-selling artists. She wowed audiences with effortless, powerful, and peerless vocals that were rooted in the black church but made palatable to the masses with a pop sheen.

Her success carried her beyond music to movies, where she starred in hits like “The Bodyguard” and “Waiting to Exhale.”

She had the he perfect voice, and the perfect image: a gorgeous singer who had sex appeal but was never overtly sexual, who maintained perfect poise…”

Source: ABC News

[feature href="http://www.michaelwolf.co.uk/theoretical-and-philosophical-thought" buttontext=”Explore”]  New Research On Positive Psychology [/feature]


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On Positive Thought: Part II [Practical Applications]

[superquote] Note: (2/19/12) This Article Is Currently Undergoing Editing [/superquote]

If you have not read the 1st part to this article please go back and do so as the information in Part II won’t make much sense.

If you have ventured into things such as “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” you know that they give a set a fundamental rules to follow along with three very important steps; I will be scientifically taking these steps apart, but not before preparing you properly for them. Some of you may be screaming at your computer right now, how can he explain something spiritual with science. If you have read the some of the philosophers I have mentioned in Part I (One), you will see that they describe this practice as a, “Spiritual Science.” From an abstract spiritual perspective the practical applications you are to follow are known as Spiritual Laws of the Universe or Nature not to different then our laws of the universe and the physical world such as but not limited it; Gravity, Energy, Light, Newton Law’s, Thermodynamics, Quantum Theory, and just general Physics. The laws they speak of operate under the same driving concept; they are: (1) laws of nature, (2) unchanging and can not be influenced, (3) are obeyed by nature 100%, (4) can not be destroyed. The only difference between the spiritual laws and our laws of physics is that as Human being born or imbue with “Free-Will” we can choose not follow them and live a mediocre life. This is too abstract for right now; we are going to start off grounded in science with a pragmatic stance.


First Steps To Controlling A Positive Mind

In order to control your own mind, by this I mean to be in control of your own thoughts, you must first be of a positive construct. It is normal for any person’s mind to be filled with worries, thoughts, fears, anxieties, problems, etc. Addressing each on individually would be a mentally and emotionally draining process. Instead one can engage in the simple practice of meditation. Preformed once a day, at least 10 minuets a day, will suffice in cleaning up your mental facilities and working out the strongest muscle in your body, your brain. Like you would work out and exercise any other muscles you can also work out your brain. This can be done through meditation and thought control. The main idea here to be able to clearn your mind and not let your mind control you. If you are able to control your thoughts and think only about what you choose to think about then you are on your way to being able to engage in constructive thought processes which will yield ideal manifestation. With out control of your own mind, you are at its mercy, and being at its mercy means that you are at the mercy of its uncontrolled thoughts, and those uncontrolled thoughts are the product of your environment which still has a hold over you. To control your thoughts is to be able to control your environment.  Let’s begin…

One great and simple form of mediation is as follows:

(1) Sit down in a comfortable chair, couch, or bed, and position your self in an ideal position from which you will not move for at least 10 minuets.

(2) Next you are to close you eyes.

(3) As you eyes close I want you to notice any sounds that you may hear. Quickly identify one and move onto the other. (You may hear the rattling of the radiator or the air-conditiong. All you have to do is isolate that sound, tell yourself that is the AC or the Heat, and then move onto the next ambient sound) Do this until you have identified each and every sound in the room.

(4) After you have gone through all of the ambient noises see if you can pick up on any smells; if not it’s okay.

(5) At this point you should have identified any distractions in your external environment. Now you can being your mediation.

(6) Turn your attention your breath as you breathe only though your nose. Feel warm air exhale out of nostrils and over your upper lip, feel the wisp and curl as it flow out into the air surrounding your body mixing into the room.

(7) As you begin to inhale (slowly) notice the difference in temperature, how the air is cooler and flows up your nostrils, thought the back of your nasal cavity and down into your lungs. If you can, imagine that as you inhale you see the air filling up the bottom of your lungs 1st as if you were to pour water in a cup. Once they are filled to the top, slowly exhale seeing feeling that warm air diffuse and mix into the atmosphere.

(8) Repeat this process for as long as possible.

(9) Soon thoughts may appear into your heard. This is good we want this to happen, it means you have began to enter into a Twilight meditative state, you are on your way to Positive Thought and full control of your life and your environment. As the 1st thought appears before you mind’s eye, give it a few moments of you time, view it and address it, but don’t live it in – That is the practice here, you can not get stuck in the thought living it; be it a memory, a situation, or even a new idea, you must address it and let it go to gain control.

(10) To do this, visualize the thought that you just addressed following down a river. Tell yourself, “As important as this thought may be there is a time and place for its reflection. Right now it is time for meditation. Thoughts are not welcome here now.” You may adapt this “affirmation” to fit yourself personally, but it must say, generally, the same thing.

(11) Do this for each any every thought that appear before you. Each time lessening the time it takes to address it and let it float peacefully down the river. Please note that it is impossible to erase a thought, by letting it float away, you are just gaining control over it, nothing else.

(12) As soon as you are able to sense that a thought is appearing before you and you spontaneously are able to command it away, down river you are able to advance. – Keep in mind this may take up to two weeks of daily practice. Move onto step (13) only when you feel that you are ready.

(13) When you are ready and you feel that you are able to push thought out of your mental scope with ease I want you to try and block off any thoughts from appearing. Upon success of this practice you will have a perfectly clear mind bringing you a peaceful mood, positive emotions, and a feeling that very few people often have the luxury to feel: No worries, No Fear, No Anxiety, just pure tranquilly and serenity. This is ideally where you want to be. This is being in control of your thoughts; this can lead to a constructive thought process and controlled external world. In addition, this clear, blank, mental space that you have created out of pure positivity and constructive ideals is the place where you will formulate, craft, idealize, and visualize your life, dreams, goals, and ideas, creations, and manifestations. This is your blank canvass.

I hope now that you can see the importance of simple positive thought. With out, you wouldn’t be able to meditate. You wouldn’t be able to have a canvass for you to formulate constructive thoughts.

What exactly is Positive Thinking? Positive Thinking is constructive thought. It is thought which leads to a new end product which has an outcome that helps or furthers the development and growth of yourself and/or other around you. It is pure and it is true. Destructive and negative thought take apart creation, they are entropic forces which aim to destroy rather than create. They are: Depression, Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Lack, Limitation, Hate, Discord, Chaos, Aggression, Violence, etc. These things will thwart your progression and and growth toward control, peace, tranquility, love, harmony, equilibrium, happiness, affection, romance and more. To think positively is to live by and/or strive to achieve the latter list. If the any of the negative items still remain in your life, the simple will for them to leave along with any positive thought practice will remove them, and remove them quickly and with ease.

How can you tell if a thought or idea or even action you perform is positive? Ask yourself, is this progressing myself or some other to a better way of living or making their life easier? Is this action mirroring a component of the negative or positive list? What thought did you have that produced this action or preceding thought? Meaning, did this action come about because someone cut you off you off in your car, pissed you off, and you chose to flip them off? Or did someone cut you off, and because you noticed the negative emotion of anger begin to appear, as a result of your meditative training of thought control (Which, if practiced and advanced every day will turn into emotional control on a conscience basis), you pushed the emotion away did the right/positive thing to do by forgiving him/her with a wave of your hand. An action like this will give you control of your environment. Examination time: You are driving on the Highway, a negative, depressed person with anger and violence issues who lives, clearly, in the external world, is mad because he was just fired. He was just fired because he stubbed his toe for 8th time and was late to work again. He is mad at the world for getting him fired, and for stubbing his toe. In his mind it is the entire World’s fault that he got fired, not his own; this is so because he lives externally in the world and has no idea an internal world exists. He has no idea that he external world is causing his negative emotions and thoughts of hatred. The external is controlling him and consequently he is adding to the external, his negative emotions and thoughts. For it is a fact that what we think influenced the external. He is pissed off, spreading negativity, manifesting and taking his anger out on the world and getting back it for firing him by cutting everyone he sees off on the world. Any other person who lives externally, like our pissed off driver, will be influenced negatively by him and the sword of fate which he appears to yield to external people. Now the their rest of their day will be bad and they will quote, “I don’t know what wrong, I guess I am just having a bad day.” Now our bad driver comes to you and decides to cut you off. However, you have been training, you don’t live in the external, you live in the internal world. You are a positive thinking person. He looks you in the eyes and cuts you off with a big simple of satisfaction on your face. You exercise your self control and you don’t let it get to you, you are now using positivity to negate any negative”ness” coming your way. He looks back to see you pissed off, but instead you smile and forgive him with a friendly wave. By doing this you have just taken control of the environment and his external world. Since the action you made was a positive one and one of constructive and progressive origin, you have brought this negative person something good in his life. You may not make him smile, but you just changed his entire thought process, possibly saving him or another person from getting into an accident. You were the sword/arm of fate in his mind at that moment. You were in control of him, but in a positive way. There have been situations I have met in central park where I have seen people depressed sitting down on the curb side. This one I remember seeing the lady upset and down, depressed. She was living externally, I didn’t like the look on her face and wanted her to smile, in addition I didn’t want her spreading negativity in the environment; I sat down next to her and asked her for the time, I was sure to remove my watch first. After using that simple conversational line to initiate a conversation I asked her if everything was okay and showed a simple interest in her. She explained how she was stressed out about her job and what not, and I answered saying, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll make it though, all you have to do is remember that with each difficult task we as people learn more and grow. After noticing the Catholic cross on her I asked, “Are you religious?” She responded, as expected, “Yes.” So I gave her quote that had been said to me back in Catholic Elementary School, “God never gives us more than we can handle. He will press us to our breaking points and bring us to the our limits, but never will he ever push us over.” After saying that to her the biggest smile came over her face and her mood changed from negative to positive. I, in turn, was also happy that I could help. It was as I was walking away that she said, “You are an angle, God sent you to help me.” I was about to say that I am not but letting her think that made her happy that God had reached out and touched her life making her happy and giving her strength. I pondered on what she had said for much time and came to several conclusions. Because I had influenced the external out of my control, thoughts and positive ideas formulated from my own internal world, I was a catalyst in that moment to bring about change to the environment. She viewed me as an arm or extension of fate, due to the fact that she was living in the external world. Her idea of fate or environmental control being, “God.” Interesting isn’t it. Due to the magnitude and degree of help I gave this woman, and going against the social norm to actually show interest in and to help a random stranger, I was attributed to an infinite force of the universe.

[Note: Religious Context]

Controversy may being to form in some of your minds with the last part – let’s dive further in. 1st answer these questions. Would your god (keep in mind, diverse group of readers) want you to live a depressed unhappy life? If your god could help reach out and touch a person how would he do it? Would the actions of your god be any bit negative or originate from a negative thought? These are all simple rhetorical questions. I’m going with the Catholic view of God right now. It is said that to be a follower of God, we are to do, “The Great Work” and to spread his message of peace and love. Simple, right? In Genesis, the creation story goes as far as to say that, “We are made in his image and onto his likeness..” It is saying that we are a lesser degree of God. That God is everywhere, everything, invisible, and visible. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. This being so, we are a apart of Him, living inside of Him, only to a lesser degree. Is it not his will for the progression and growth and mankind in the most positive and “Good-Natured” manor possible; to help our neighbors and treat them as we would wanted to be treated? Then I am going to go as far as to say, that be positively influencing our environment our of pure goodness and zero personal gain and benefit with the exception of receiving a smile is inline with the teachings of Jesus, or the Message of God, or the will Buddha…etc. To help other in this manor and bring them to a higher level of cognition and understanding, to bring smiles and show people positive living, to allow and help others to be happy, accomplish their dreams, live out life in the best way possible, so long as it is out of a good-hearted nature, we as Positive Influential People have the saving grace of our Religion. If you aren’t religious and are being positive just to help and further yourself, this is perfectly fine. I only add this section to address potential arguments and criticism that certain people may have.


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On Positive Thought : Part I

[superquote] Note (2/19/12): This Article Is Currently Undergoing Editing [/superquote]

[aside title=”Modern-Thought”] Due to recent “New Age” movements and ideals many of us have avoided one of the most useful tools we as humans possess… [/aside] After studying countless aspects of Psychology, from General, to Abnormal, to Positive, I have found countless examples, studies, theories and practices which are being ignored by most of the Manhattan population. When you hear someone speak of “Positive Thought” you associate it with The Secret or the Law of Attraction or any of the other motivational speakers. Then, after this associations is made, you dismiss the idea because of “abnormal” or non mainstream ideas.

Having studied almost all of these motivational books and self help theories I found many constants. In addition to these constants I found something else, some very intriguing that can help save New Agers money and help those who vomit at the idea of the Law of Attraction see a little bit of light.

Each and every one of these guides, theories, books, movies, speeches, all say the same thing, they all have the same underlying general messages – they just differ in some small minute ways. One being their method of delivery, or the creators marketing angle and target demographic. This then lead me to two conclusions one of which is true. (Granted, the other may be true also, but I am not here to bash or defame anyone and their business)…

They are either all copying each others work formulating their own spin-offs, as according to basic business theory, or that there is some truth to the matter that each of them are working off of. Let us examine the latter. If each of them have found or discovered some great truth to “Living Well” then the scientific method says that anyone should be able to replicate this and obtain the same results each and every time. This is what I did.

They each aren’t messengers of God,
[Time for an aside...] I am using the word “God” for one reason. Regardless of my own personal beliefs and religious affiliations I know that I must be sensitive to all of my readers. When I use the word God I am referring to what these Motivational Writers are referring to as a “Conscience Universe” an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient being. In my cross religious studies I have found that all religious in some form or another believe that their god is imbue with the three before said characteristics. Instead of using God, I may use the Universal, All Knowing, The Thinking Stuff, Universal Matter, Space, Allah, Jehovah, all of which refer to one religious faith’s father. When I say God, I mean everything that is in existence visible and not. Besides, it is easy to type three letters as opposed to some other word. So please, take no offense and read with a purely analytical and pragmatic mine conscience of others.
These speakers are not profits who received a special message. They had to have found it from somewhere, from some source. It wasn’t that hard to find it. Each of their teachings originates from several philosophical writings: William James, The Will To Believe, Hegel and Emmerson The Phenomenology of spirit, Wallace D. Wattles The Master Key System; and several more.

Let us branch off of the philosophical topic for a while and take a scientific approach. After reading virtually all of these works, I say virtually because Phenomenology of spirit is terribly long (631 Pages Long) and filled with complex comprehensive theories, I have discovered the basic underlying themes of the New Age theories. Each of them coincide perfectly is modern day Positive Psychological Thought. The field of Positive Psychology is a new one with most of its research and writings done by Dr. Marvin Segelman working closely with one of my professors Dr. David Sitt. It is amazing to see how these theories from some of the greatest minds on Earth are just today being proven by science – to think that they had it right all along, all people had to do was listen. Which is what the New Age people are trying to get you to do today, to listen. They are all right, but some are more money hungry than others. True “enlightenment” should be free, and if you believe in New Age and follow it, you should follow Karma as well (I shouldn’t have to connect the dots for you here).
What Does Positive Psychology Say?
It says exactly what you think it does :) . Let’s look at something as simple as a smile and break it down.

On a biological level it takes drastically less muscles to smile than frown. I would give numbers but no source seems to have the exact accurate number for a smile. The frown I have seen anywhere from 30-64 Muscles and the smile at 4-20. Regardless, it is easier to smile than to frown – that stupid old saying people say so often. (A forced smile takes two muscles, and most educated people can spot one)

On a neurological level a genuine smile will release dopamine into the brain (Checking facts – It may be a different neurobiological chemical, but the concept is the same). With the release of the chemical it triggers a “natural high” that makes each and every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or culture; it is universal. A frown actually releases a different chemical which suppresses/blocks the dopamine (Or other chemical I will check) simulating a depressed like state, even if only for a moment.

Take a second and make yourself frown, not forced, and actual frown and see how you feel. Moments later, form a natural smile and see the difference, it is noticeable.

On social psychological level a smile can be very powerful. If you are to place an artificially natural/not forced smile on and share it with a random stranger, someone nice, someone you see having a bad day, or someone you many fancy, you share this smile and it will bring them happiness. I know, a very loose statement and claim. Think back to when you had a bad day and someone smiled at you, a friend, relative, teacher, random stranger or anyone. That smile, that positive wave they transmit will shock you and bring you out of your current mindset for a brief moment. It will save you. Imagine their smile as a defibrillator. It actually will save you for that moment and make you smile back. It is like a handshake, someone puts out their hand and it is almost impossible not to shake it, its a sub conscience action. Now that you had to smile back the smile that was triggered to occur has released that neurological chemical putting you into a better mood. If it worked well enough, you may even decide to return the favor and smile at another person just because you are now having a good day. It then beings to spread.

Why do we even have to be happy in the first place? Can’t I just live the way I want stuck in my apartment with cheesy puffs and TV?
Ask yourself this question, Do you have any dreams or goals for life? If no, and you want to stay unhappy, become homeless. In order for you to enact the exact scientific nature of the Motivational Theories you 1st need to be happy. How can you learn, grow, advance in life, achieve your dreams while you are depressed and unhappy. It is impossible.
Everyone should read this next part closely: Negativity and depression causes stress or may even be caused by stress. Stress causes the release of adrenalin (Epinephrin – Natural Speed) from the adrenal gland. There are many types of stress but you only need to concern yourself for this example for the long term bad stress. [A later article I publish will address Stress, Stressors, Good/Bad Stress, Stress Management and More] Okay, you are depressed and it has caused some form of stress in your life, because of this adrenaline in now flowing through your veins, however you don’t feel energized because you have become conditioned to it by now. Long term effects of adrenaline are detrimental to your life, it will (not can cause, will cause) cause your body’s organs to stop working efficiently. Next, your less important organs like your kidneys and liver will begin to shut down. You may not even get this far, by this point White Blood Cell and Anti-Body formation will have ceased and you won’t be able to fight off colds, diseases and infections. Shorty after, stress itself has lead you toward your death bed. This isn’t speculation, this isn’t here-say, this is factual and very serious. So I ask again, Why should we lead a happy, positive, stress free life? You life pretty much depends on it.

Something as simple as a smile can combat the before said information on the detrimental effects of stress. If you were to choose, a life in depression leading to serious illness or just a try at positive psychology – I’d hope you’d choose the latter.

On Positive Psychology: The Crux of the Matter

By now we have established life with out positive behavior and thought. In addition we have looked at the simple exercise of “Smiling,” from a biological to a sociological perspective. It takes nearly 0% of mental effort to perform that task while still have a greatly significant impact. What happens when we actually apply our minds and a higher percentage of mental processing power? Simply put, we have progressive life. What is called Flow will occur. Imagine making a snow-ball on a mile high hill. The ball is about the size of my fist (I have Big Hands, so 7″, round about) and you roll the ball down the hill. It will then grow exponentially increasingly in size, mass, and power. The only problem is that this creation has a destructive path, it can not be controlled, it is free falling [rolling]. This is what makes us humans such great creative beings. We can snow-ball and increase in size, power, ability, theoretical mass and more. When we are in control of our lives we are in control of the direction of the falling snow-ball and what it does.

I feel this metaphor to give a strong mental image of the power of positive psychology. Now I will teach you how to begin to construct and build your snowball; starting with your hands.

Positive Psychology and Its Application:

One can not begin to build up his/her life with out one to start with. Yes, I know everyone have a life, but to command and take control of one’s life is to truly own it. Don’t live in it, Live on it; Command it. Have you ever been behind the 8-Ball with your so to say? You wake up each morning at the mercy of a mental construct known all to well as “Fate.” This concept and mental model is the result of the lack of constructive mental thinking. You may think and have thoughts throughout the day, but they are not constructive. You may disagree saying yes, they are constructive, I wrote an entire paper for my boss, and my teacher. Well yes, that is constructive thought, however, on a microcosmic level. You are operating and constructing within the realm of your life. Imagine a a circle around your physical body, that circle is your life and you are operating within it. You mentally are inside of your life – A perfectly normal way of living, but for those who seek more and to accomplish grandiose goals above themselves need to advance. How can you then engage in truly constructive thinking on a macrocosmic level that will gain you domineering domain over your own life? You must 1st understand the microcosmic and how you are functioning.

Positive Psychology: The Microcosmic Self (A View On Life)

A typical person operates and functions within their own realm of living. They rarely seek to grow their scope of reality to better themselves and their environment. They live perfectly content with what they have in their simple happy lives. This is perfectly fine! Do not think for one second that I am bashing or suggesting that those who are living happy in their lives are doing something wrong. As long as you are happy you are 100% perfect; you can be poor and on the streets of Manhattan but if you are happy and there is a smile on your face (Even from drugs), it is what you want, you have accomplished your dream, thus you are happy and I can say that you are a perfect person. However, and this is a big however, for those of us who wish to grow and progress we must 1st seek further enlightenment of knowledge that will help us see things in a new light.
[A brief aside: Watch how I just manipulated your thought process with the Religious language of "Enlightenment." Next, I am going to explain the information which will "enlighten" you. You will be amazing and love me and what I have to say. All I doing is giving you a new perspective of life; one which has been proven to be fact. One which many do not realize because they don't seek it, but it is there. After you realize this you will actually feel enlightened. I could have you eating out of the palms of my hands if I were to put a headset microphone around my chiseled cheek bones and stand up on stage with a beautiful backdrop and music while showing you a slide show of my penthouse apartment in NYC. It is that easy to take control when one has sufficient knowledge in the field of Psychology. My morals, ethics, and values are of a higher nature - which I why I have exposed this fact for you all. Don't ever get sucked into false, money hungry people again.]
Back onto our new perspective of the Microcosmic Self. There are two domineering concepts in our scope of self, the Internal and the External. The Internal being our mind and our thoughts, it is invisible and it is could be said to be conceptually inside of us. Then we have the External, our environment; the chair you are sitting on the floor, the air, even you actions are external. Simple enough, let us go in a little more into this. When one is said to live by “Fate” or by the “Will Of Fate” they are living in the external world. To rephrase this, they are living in their environment and their environment is telling them how to live their lives. You boss is telling you to write a paper; well he is external to your internal and you have to listen to him, he is commanding you (which is acceptable – he is your boss), the external is commanding you. Apply this thought process to your entire environment. It all commands you like your boss does to you also. The traffic light changes colors, your door bell rings, you stub your toe, you don’t set your alarm clock because you stubbed your toe, you wake up late and can’t shower because you missed you alarm and you are late to work, today is your presentation but you aren’t prepared because that perfect paper you wrote which kept you up all night is still in your printer because you stubbed your toe, you boss pulls you aside and reprimands you and you plead and tell him that if you hadn’t of stubbed your toe your schedule wouldn’t have been interrupted; but it’s no good, it wont work. Your entire environment has turned on you – so it may seem. This is a common occurrence for anyone who lives externally and at the mercy of their environment. But if you boss is external himself and apart of your environment, aren’t you apart of his? How is he able to command you, control you, if you are apart of the external environment to him? Simply put, he takes command. Now, he may be an ass hole, but that doesn’t change that fact that you can be a good or bad person. By living externally you are living in an extremely small realm and you are easily susceptible to control and manipulation.

Positive Psychology: The Internal World

Now it is time to gain control. We know that there is an Internal and External. The external is comprised of your environment, everyone you know and meet, where you live, all forms of physical matter, the circumstances with which you meet, and even you actions. That is your environment. To live by Fate and let life control you and tell you where to go is to live externally and let your environment tell you what to do, how to act, and where to go. In order to control and command your environment, or the External, one must live in the Internal. If the external is comprised of everything physical and outside of ourselves what is in the internal? Simple enough, our thoughts, ideas, concepts, desires, goals, motivations, visions, emotions,love, and memories. How can control of these things lead me to control the external world? Look at your boss, how does he control you? You are a factor, a component of his own external world. Instead of living inside of the external which would be to live under it and at its mercy (Your boss living at your mercy), he stands on top of it and creates his own environment. He was given the authority by his superior to manage that office. It is his job to make the office run efficiently, keep everyone in line, and most importantly make sure money is being made. He may buy new computers or throw office parties, bring in guest speakers, or even give vacation days – maybe take some away; he is creating his own environment so that the environment that he lives in under his superiors is happy. Let’s connect the dots…

Positive Psychology: What We Think Directly Influences and Creates the External World

Back to our Boss/Office Example. The Boss is tasked with the job to keep employees happy and working efficiently on friday. Over the weekend he realizes that his office isn’t preforming as good as it use to. He sits at his desk for the entire weekend and think about ways to fix this problem, to get his staff working better. He comes up with the idea to implement a new commissions based pay in addition to the salary. His thought of the “Commissions” idea was started at just that, a thought, and was, on monday, implemented into the office. Now you and all of the other employees become happy, your environment has just given you an opportunity to make more money. However, little do you know, your environment at that office is the direct product of your bosses mental constructive thinking. You are working inside of his internal world, made external. Your boss had an idea and he was able to manifest it into reality and impose it upon his environment, thus influencing and controlling you environment. Amazing isn’t it. Believe it or not, as simple and commonsensical it seems most people deny this truth. Gaining control of the external is just as simple as realizing this truth, all you have to do is want to. But you can’t if you aren’t happy and positive. You need to be happy and positive so that you can work inside of your Mental, Internal Office, Drawing Board, Musical Score Sheet (Which ever metaphor fits your fancy). With out Happiness and Positivity, you are working in a cluttered office with no desk and on the floor with PC running Windows 95 while trying to print from a Dot-Matrix. Good luck to you. It’s time for an upgrade.


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[Poetry] A New York City Night’s Eye


While walking through the streets of Manhattan one night, after studying a few famous poets, I was stopped by a traffic light on the corner of Lex and 28th. I began to wonder, to recall my walk over to this spot. Like magic, words began to come Instantaneously to mind. At first I thought that my mind was playing back a poem I had read earlier; a tape recorder going on in my head. It kept going. I soon realized that I didn’t know this poem, it was new. I was writing it in that moment – my sub-conscience was spitting it out. I rushed into my pocket and began to write it down in my Image Journal. I never was a fan of spontaneous poetry and never could realize why some poets refused to edit and revise their work. It wasn’t until it happened to me, that is transcendental poem just came out of me that I realized that I couldn’t revise it. It was a reflection of my sub-conscience and it was beautiful. Naturally, I formatted it, but that was all I could revise. I hope you enjoy.

Step Set,

     | The sidewalk echoes in my travels. |

The Passers By,

     | Shapeless faces race in every direction – the streets, filled. |

The City Streets, My Field, My Time,

     | The air stinks of the battle. Stride. Don’t trip. Watch your step. Don’t get hit. |

Walk Hard.

     | Head to the sky. Your time is precious. |

Tread Straight.

     | The shortest distance between you and I is a straight line. |

The Night To My Eye.

     | My perception sees no boundaries. |

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The Birth Of Wolf: The Girl And The Window

Okay, so the title does seem a little bit tacky, however, in this situation it does suffice :) (I feel like I am the only professional who uses emoticons…)

As I look out of the basement window of my parents’ house on Long Island, diagonally across I could see a lonely empty window. The light would go on and off at night time, but I could never make out the person behind it. I am 11 years old at this time, and lonely. I knew the ins and the outs of the world of computers and their hardware. I taught myself web-design, C++, Visual Basic and Delphi programming languages. I could write programs and make websites. I had fun…No, I had a blast. Who would have guessed that in 2012 all of the skills I had learned at the age of 11 would come in such handy for promoting myself and my work – even securing myself from threats.

But I digress…

I could program, design and control anything that was electronic; I was a super geek but I couldn’t make a beautiful girl appear in that window. Each night I would work on my website and recruit members for my programming team. We got big. I had connected with people all over the country, Texas, Florida, Utah and more. I had learned so much and was able to hold my own so well that they had no idea an 11 year old was giving them commands and teaching them how to think creatively and write code that had never been written before. I still would look up at that window day dreaming, trying to wish, to manifest, a beautiful girl that I could hang out with and show all that I learned to. I imagined her catching my gaze and sneaking out over the fence on a mission to talk to me from my window.  That’s all I wanted.

Years went by and no girl ever came to the window, but I kept on hoping, I kept my faith knowing that one day she would come. The years went by and a new family moved in. I am 16 now. Isolation didn’t do me well so I gave up on most of my computer skills and went out to the social world. I was still at the awkward stage and wasn’t sure if I was attractive or ugly. It fucking sucked, but I was able to make the most of it. I had learned how to sneak out of the house a year later.

I remember on one occasion I had my friend Matt over. We watched Mission Impossible (1st One, Naturally) to hype ourselves up for the mission. As I took the lead out my window I paused for a moment and had remembered an old dream, an old place inside of myself. I looked up at that old window hoping once more for her to show that beautiful face to me and just smile. I quickly snapped back to reality when I felt the pain of my leg and the window rail crushing my penis. I quickly pushed myself out and waited  for Matt on the grass.

—– We snuck around the bushes on our knees. I was a raccoon. The sweat dripped down my forehead and my heart began to race. All of my senses became keen as I took the form of an Owl, and I owned the night. As my right foot shifted forward I heard a sound echo and my stomach dropped. My head slingshot back at Matt and he looked at me with dismay, as if he had heard nothing. I looked down in front of me only to find a snapped twig. We pressed on slowly; I couldn’t wake my parents, I would be dead, grounded, have no social life anymore; Forced to retreat to the lonely depths of my mind in solitude with no one to talk to but my many lines of computer code. But I couldn’t back out now, everyone would make fun of me at school, “Haha, Mike is a pussy!” I had to finish the mission. Matt was counting on me, relying on me; he too had never done this before. He didn’t seem to get the concept of a Spy’s Missions and went and blabbed it to our group of friends earlier that day. There we are, kneeling on the grass in the dark with the motion sensor light just around the next bend. I knew I could do it if I tried hard enough; so I dropped onto my stomach and ordered Matt to do the same. We both began to crawl through the wet grass. With the motion light in sight, this was it, we have to move stealth-fully and with precision. I stop mid-way into the open clearing of grass, we are both directly in the sights of the sensor. I can remember thinking to myself, “Great Job! We’re Almost There! – Shit if I can do this, then someone can actually rob my house.” I shifted my right foot forward and in a split second we were both blinded by a great white light. I jump up and look at Matt, then at the window out of which we crawled and I darted for gate to the front yard. I didn’t even think nor check to see if he had followed but luckily he did.

I had never had so much fun in my life. I went on what I now know to be my first adventure ever. Ever since that night, I have been going out and experiencing new and exciting things. As time went by my ego got bigger, as did my balls. Sneaking out just wasn’t enough. It was too damn easy, so like the crazy seventeen year old that I was, we walked thirty minutes to the nearest train, bought a round trip ticket at 1:00AM and snuck into the greatest City on Earth. Each weekend I would take one of my friends into the City. By this time I had become one of the most popular kids in High School. Everyone wanted to go into the City but their parents wouldn’t let them. I was the, “Underground Rail Road to Manhattan.” I went in by myself some times. I explored all over learning the city’s layout, the coolest places and where to bring my friends next. The smoking age was eighteen, but I had found us a Hookah Lounge that didn’t ID. Still to this day I go back to that lounge. They watched me grow up and have given me the best service for so many years. This was my life, it just seemed normal to me, almost mundane at times.

I remember one year we had went out on day lights saving time. I didn’t know the LIRR shifted the 3:00AM train to 4:35AM. Yup, I was fucked. As we crawled down the steps of the platform on Long Island we hopped into a cab to go home only to find a crazy drunk guy in a suit started a fight with our driver. This asshole wanted to go 15 Miles out of town. Our guy jumps out of the car, but not before putting his drum sticks inside of back pocket. As he walks over to confront the man my friend and I watch as he moves his right hand slowly to the two sticks in his back pocket. Immediately Bruce Willis shot into my head, Die Hard: Nakotami Plaza – All our cabbie needed was some duct tape and a pistol attached to his back and he would be set. The cabbie now has his left arm extended, palm out at the drunk and his right hand behind him. He talks the guy down and heads back into the cab. We all start talking and find out that he is English and had been in many fights; he was one of the coolest guys we had met. As we approached my parents’ house I asked him to drop us off one block before so we could sneak back in. He looks at us and says with astonishment, “Wait Up! How old are you guys?” Mind you, this whole trip we were talking about Manhattan, the Hookah Lounge, me looking into getting a piercing. So we tell them, we’re in High School. He looked back around his seat at us and says, after a few moments of silence and an awe stricken face, “Honest to God, I wish I had hung out with you guys in HS, you’re so cool.” At the time that was the greatest thing anyone could have said to me. It put the biggest smile on my face. Here I was going into the city every weekend after school like clock-work thinking, ehh, it’s just my life. It was in that moment that I realized that I live a crazy and one damn eventful life.

Fast forward to 2012…Here I am, the place I fell in love with, the place I would dream about all week during high school. My escape. Now, my life. Just three months ago I’d still be going to my classes, finishing up college and not thinking anything of it until the strangest of things happens. I looked down at one of the stories I had written and couldn’t help but to feel a sort of emptiness. I wanted to write more, but most importantly I had realized that I haven’t been dreaming of anything in while. I look back down at my story and decide in that moment that I am going to publish it online for the world to see. I wanted to show everyone one of my most closely guarded works (Which will be published here soon). But how, how was I going to publish this? Not more than a moment later I remember, I remembered that I am a geek! I had traded my brains for a social life, to many friends who may have been using me, shallow relationships with women, I had traded it all. It was time for a trade-back. “I am going to make myself a website!” I thought to myself. For the first time in a while a huge warming smile overcame my face, this was going to be easy. My mind starts racing going over everything I had ever learned, I had opened a can of worms the size of The Hoover Dam. All of the knowledge came pouring out about coding, hosting, server, MySQL, security, exploits, and so much, much more. Accompanied with the analytical information was emotion, raw emotion came pouring out. I was remembering and feeling things I hadn’t for years. Then in a moment it all stops and my story drops to the floor as if it was nothing. I look up, my eyes now parallel to my hardwood floors, and I look out of my third floor apartment window only to realize that this whole time I have been living across from one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…


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The Hurricane Club

[aside title=”Tropical-Cuisine”] The only thing I can say to describe this restaurant is, “Vacation!” [/aside] Palm Trees, Tiki Bar, The Volcano Room, their own Rum, and even a shoe shine.

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NYC Adventuring: Urban Studies

[aside title=”UrbanAid”] There is a world outside of this City; let’s share some facts and navigational tips about it.[/aside] How to traverse the City.

New York City is home to a timeless art, the Art of Jay Walking. Jay walking is simply one of the many objective areas of how to traverse the Land of Manhattan. Many New Yorker’s already know what I am going to teach you here; I am writing this article for the tourist or the out-of-town-er so that they may integrate and feel what it truly means to be a NY’er. Besides, this information will help anyway navigate our area with ease.

NYC is home to some of the greatest transportation services around, The MTA. However, if you ask any local, they will most likely be curing the MTA off for a 25 cent fare hike or a Local Train turned Express. Along with the MTA we have one of the greatest Taxi networks around. Wait at most five minuets and a taxi will come your way.


  1. When using the subways, it is important to keep in mind that you should never, ever have to use more then three different lines to get to your destination. If you are smart enough, all you need is a maximum of one transfer and you will be at your destination.
  2. Never, Ever, Never go downtown to go uptown. It is a waste of time and a sign of ignorance of our systems. Even if you must walk one more city block, it always pays to go in the direction of your destination.
  3. The subways run parallel to the direction of traffic. For example: On Park Ave. (A two lane Avenue), the traffic going Uptown (Never Say North) will have the uptown subway line running along it. The same for the Downtown side.
  4. Subways usually run on an 8-Min gap off-peak hours. On peak hours, there are twice as many trains.
  5. You never have to time a trip via subway, just enter the platform and go.
  6. You can purchase a single ride (Good for Two Hours) for @2.75 or a 10 Trip for about $11.00. There are several other denominations including a $90.00 (Roughly) monthly unlimited pass. If you use it twice a day, it pays for itself. If you use it three or more times a day you are getting one over on the MTA and more than you paid.
  7. Google Maps is great to use with your trip but for some reason it doesn’t show you the quickest routes. Take 10-min of your time and figure the system and the lines our for yourself and you can beat GoogleMaps.
  8. There is a connotation out there with our Subways, that they aren’t safe – This is a load of BS. Every subway is safe in the Heart of Manhattan, “In The Heart Of Manhattan!” If you catch yourself at 2:00 AM on a Platform in one of Boroughs and it’s just you on one side and a group of people on the other staring you down; do not worry – You aren’t a tourist, you are your favorite action hero. Just put on a different persona, don’t look at the ground (it shows fear and weakness), act confident and act like you belong. If you do happen to get cornered, start talking to yourself and convince them you are crazy, you can even start making animal noises – it does work :)


  1. Busses use the same standard Metro-Card as the Subway system uses.
  2. They are frequently crowded so avoid them during Rush Hour.
  3. They can also be a nice mode of transportation, you can do some sightseeing and enjoy the fresh air as you are driven to your destination.
  4. Busses are a great way to travel cross town when you are not near the Cross town subways


RULES and Laws For Passengers:

  • If a Taxi has its ‘Available’ light on you can legally open his door and jump in – Drives like to lock their door and open their window to ask where you are going so as to save them a long trip in a direction they want to go.
  • The Taxi Lights: The center section is light up = Available and Open
  • The Taxi Lights: The two outer light are on = Off Duty
  • The Taxi Lights: The lights are Off = Has a Passenger
  • The New Taxi Lights: Light Is On = Available
  • The New Taxi Lights: Light Is Off = Has a Passenger
  • A driver can never ask you to leave his taxi based on your destination. You can legally have your cabbie take you anywhere in Manhattan and the Five-Bouroughs and he has to drive you there. Be respectful – Don’t make him go to Staten Island, its a terribly hard trip to make.
  • Your Cabbie CAN reject a trip to JFK (laws may have changed)
  • Lights On – You can walk in – He must take you to your destination
General Information
  1. Hailing a Cab: It is easy, stand somewhat into the street, not on the sidewalk , and stick your arm into the air. Make sure to spot an Available Light Taxi.
  2. Be aggressive, you may be competing with several other people for the same cab.
  3. Always be on the side of the street facing the direction you want to go. Uptown Destination means Uptown side of the street or an Uptown Street.
  4. You can pay Credit/Debit or Cash
  5. Never wait in line at the taxi stands outside of Penn or Grand Central – They take forever, and if you just walk a few more blocks you can find your own cab with out waiting in line. It is a lot quicker – You’re a New Yorker Now, think independently.
  6. Don’t go Cross-Town during Rush Hour! It will take forever! It is one of the hardest, longest, and most expensive things to do. You can walk faster. I walked cross town in the rain carrying a 60lb Printer because I jumped out of a Cab who took 7-Min to go 2 1/2 blocks. I made it home in 12-Min and saved $15.00.
  7. There are One-Way streets all over NYC – Knowing which one’s are where in relation to your destination could save you time and money. Instead of having your driver circle around 5-blocks just so you can get right in front of your destination is stupid because if you look out your window you can see your destination one block away. He will take you around so as to get more money but i’m sure you can just walk the extra one block and save yourself. If you are smart you can direct your driver down the proper one-way street which puts you adjacent to your destination and makes it easier for everyone.
  8. Don’t forget, if you know, to tell your driver which side of the street your destination is on before he gets there. This will make it easier for you and him.
  9. Most drivers keep quiet and to themselves – If you get a friendly driver please tip them well. We need more friendly drivers. This is operating out of the Psychological Reward Bases System and it works. It is how our bosses get us to do more work via Pay Raises and Bonuses. You want friendlier cab rides, and extra dollar a ride will make that happen.
  10. You are going to love this fun fact – it goes with item #9 : Back in time before Lincoln was President we had plantations. White people owned them, Black people were slaves. Soon after slavery was abolished blacks were allowed to be Free. Many of them were offered to a Salary to work on that same plantation. It was all they knew so they took the job. This is where it gets fucked up. The Plantation owners and Speculators began price fixing and gouging. They sold you your equipment and where the people you sold your Corn, Wheat, and Rice too. The plantation owner required 10% of your profits, but you were already in debt because you were loaned new equipment but the Spectators were always sharing a split of your profits with the plantation owners. Share-Cropping was the system. You would approach a Plantation Owner and say, “I want land to make money.” He would give you a plot of land at the price you could pay up-front or at the end of season. Most were poor so went for the end-of season pay. They had the land and now needed to come up with the money to pay for it plus 10% of profits. When they couldn’t pay they were in debt. Our NYC Taxi operate under the Share-Crop system. An immigrant comes from India or Pakistan seeking a good life. They go to JFK and get their licensee and are bonded. Well first they learn English, Study, and Raise $300.00. After they pass the test they walk into any of our Taxi companies and ask for a car. Some companies have fixed their problem and moved forward and only take the money for the car up-front; other will loan the cab to you on your credit and demand a pay at the end of your “Cabbie Day.” Some drivers will make several thousand a day which is wonderful; if you don’t own your own cab, you make roughly $125 – $300 a day. If there are no expenses, dings, scratches, or gas isn’t needed. If you don’t make wage you owe the company the difference for that day and you have to hope that tomorrow is better. Tips can often go to paying this daily debt. Tipping your driver One More Dollar or even leaving a tip for that matter could help them off – or could ensure friendlier cab rides all around :)


  1. Everyone should be walking! It is the most fun and sometimes the fastest for short destinations
  2. If you are sightseeing please walk to the right side of the street; NY’er in a rush will run you over to get to where they need to be.
  3. If you are crossing a street, to a NY’er that “White/Red Walking Man” Light means nothing. We look for two things, the “Red Traffic Light” and the nearest on-coming car. If he is breaking and far enough away, we are going. If there is no traffic and no turning cars we are going. The light doesn’t matter. If there is a line of cars stuck at a green light, we are going, in-between the cars. No one wan’t a “Man Slaughter” charge slapped onto their license. Pedestrians have the right of way. Cars will always stop for you. BUT they can’t always stop for you – So don’t be stupid and try to lay Frogger. We don’t play frogger, we are experienced and know when to walk, we know when a car is stopping and when we he going to try and make the yellow light. When I am in a rush I go as far as to look at the driver in the on-coming lane. I can see it on his/her face if he is going to push a yellow light or stop. Often, making eye contact to ensure a driver see’s you ensures your safety.
  4. Drunk walking can be just as dangerous as Drunk Driving – The only time to Jay Walk like that (Mentioned Above) is when you are sober and in a rush to a Date/Work/Meeting etc. When you are drunk, enjoy yourself, walk slow with your friends, and be safe.
  5. In NYC every second counts. You meeting is at 7:15, you miss your alarm and now have 15-min to get cross town, a 15-min walk. Every second counts. Some people may wonder why NY’er walk so fast and push through everyone, “They only gain an extra few seconds” those extra few seconds are all we need. Its not the people who slow us down, it’s waiting at a red light or missing the subway. I can’t even count the amount of times rushing like this has saved me a 5-min wait at an intersection. Having that extra second means having an extra second to run across the intersection to beat the red-light which could fuck you and your meeting up.
  6. We get so good at this that we know exactly which blocks to take to be the fastest route and with the least traffic and the most likely to be able to run across a red light. I even have a route to take in the rain which has the most scaffolding to provide for shelter as a I walk.
  7. Don’t text while you walk unless you text while you drive. You are going to walk into a pole, a person, a car, or even a baby in a stroller. If you are good at texting without looking down while walking then by all means, go for it. If not, then stand aside and text. When I drive, I am able to keep my eyes on the rode and text the way I type with out looking – it’s a useful skill to have for NYC Walking.
  8. The Streets: All of the streets are numbered. Higher the number means you are heading uptown. As the numbers get lower you are heading downtown. Streets run horizontal.
  9.  Avenues run vertical. To walk between an avenue, is about a 3-block walk.
  10. Name Streets: When walking in the name streets you may get lost. Just find a major Avenue – Broadway for example. Look either direction: Look fir either the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building. Those two buildings are uptown the opposite direction is downtown. The Name streets are actually home to some of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Manhattan and can be some of the most fun areas you have ever been to.
  11. Houston Street: I know (Every NY’er Knows) you are a tourist if you say, “Houston (As in Texas) Street” we say, “House-Ten” Street. SoHo, South Of “House-Ten.” NoHo, North Of “House-Ten” Street. Most of the time we will look at you with an expression of “Wtf” are you saying. It will take a few moments for us to realize that you are not from here and are mispronouncing our Street.
  12. If you need a map you can always walk into any subway station and view a public one. There are many tourist centers with them. Barns & Noble sells them. Your smart phone has one build it. Try and memorize your route before you start walking, it’s easier, and those maps are a bitch to fold.
     Areas Of Manhattan
NYC is home to some of the greatest, most fun, most diverse, and craziest neighborhoods and areas around.
  1. The Upper East Side: New & Young Money. Where the young and wealthy are moving to live today. Apartments up there, for a studio, start out at about $2,100.00 and can escalate up to $4,500.00 While two bedrooms can reach $30,000.00/mo. It is one of the nicest areas to walk around. Everyone is friendly and smiles. There is a mix of upper-middle class and wealthy people there; with the occasional Snob. It is located from 96th Street (Border of Upper East / Spanish Harlem) and down to around the 50′s. I lived up there for some time and have to say that I miss it dearly. It is quieter and more community oriented.
  2. The Upper West Side: Old & Rich Money. This is where you find that typical Hollywood style upper-echelon type homes and apartments. It has some fun areas but is a more up-scale community. This area is also home to many of our most famous Museums  Located between the 90′s and the upper 50′s.
  3. Lincoln Center: A great shopping area, home to some upscale galleries and an Opera House. Some great high-class restaurants are here as well.
  4. Central Park: Is fucking huge! It is impossible to get lost in but you may end up walking for hours. It stretches from Harlem to Midtown. I have still not walked through the entire park. On the Uptown side there are many hidden trails and areas from the birth of NYC there. As you venture on through the rest of the park you may stumble across the hidden Alice in Wonderland Statue. On the Midtown side you can also find Handsome Cab Ride (Horse Drawn Carriages), street performers, and so much more.
  5. Chelsea: Is a unique area in Manhattan. It is home to some of the greatest bars and clubs. It some of the most modern restaurants that are not overpriced tourist traps. The community is also a nice friendly one. This neighborhood is also very welcoming to NY’s Gay and Lesbian Community.
  6. West (Greenwich) Village: Has been ranked in many articles as a place to see before you die. It’s streets are cobble stone in parts, and the apart buildings are georgous. You no longer feel like you are in Manhattan. It is also home to many celebrities. There is so much to say about this area and a few others that I will have to make separate posts to cover it.
  7. East Village: Is one of my favorite areas to “Play” in. With over 20 Hookah Bars, Countless Tattoo Parlors, Bars, Head-Shops, and strange stores, the East Village is a place that everyone needs to visit. It is also home to the famous, “St. Mark’s St.”
  8. There are many other areas that I will keep adding. I as I get more downtown with my descriptions I am realizing that these areas need more than just a few lines on a post.

Avoiding Tourist Traps 

  1. If you are a tourist please use Fromer’s Guide or any other like that one. Or even contact me or use the posts on Michael Wolf as a guide.
  2. Our NYC Tourist Guide Books will refer you to some of the most “Popular True NYC Experience” Restaurants and activities. They will lead you to think that those places are where we frequent. This is a lie.
  3. You should however…Visit the Top of the Empire State Building and eat in Times Square and get stuck in tourist traps for the expirnce. Everyone should experience it once in their life. What you shouldn’t do is spend your week eating at the Times Sq Fridays and hopping from one trap to another. The city is safe, explore.
  4. By following a guide like Fromer’s you can see all of the Traditional Tourist Stuff to do, but you will also be guided through life as a real NY’er.
  5. Why not eat in the same restaurant as the Day-Traders, Stock Brokers, and Market Makes of Wall-Street. It’s a humble yet elegant “Pub” right by Wall Street. They are not the Harvard Club but still have a wealthy atmosphere. On either side of you will be some of the richest men and women in the world. They don’t pay $25.00 for a burger. They pay $12.50. Friday’s is twice as much in Times SQ and you are eating next to other tourists. We count on tourists being stupid and not venturing into our secret locations because they fear they won’t fit in. You want the experience, dress normal, we don’t judge. Leave your camera in your bag, act you belong, and come on down to Wall Street and eat along side us. If you show up there, we will just assume you are one of us ;)
  6. Agressive Street Side Tours / Comedy Clubs / Bar Discounts etc – They are all BULLSHIT! Don’t look them in the eye, ignore them, stick up a hand to show dis-intrest. They will follow you, they won’t shut up, and they will suck in your sole just before they take all of your money. They won’t nothing more than your money. Even the tours; as they are real Businesses and Tours – you can get a free one by reading Fromers or just walking around and talking to people. We are friendly and don’t mind to talk. These street “Hustlers” will do anything for your money. They know how to spot a tourist as opposed to a NY’er. Watch them and you will see how they don’t even bother to try and give their flyer out to some people and how they attack others. They know who is weak and likely to pay and they know who is a local and will spit in their face. If you want a tour, ask the concierge in your Hotel Lobby.
  7. Never Ever Never Ever Buy a CD from a guy on street! Never make eye contact! Never smile at them! N’uff Said! I need not explain more. I’m not talking about bootleggers, I’m talking about the “Rap Artists.”
  8. Times SQ and Grand Central Station and part of Penn Station are the tourist Hot Spots – Go anywhere away from there and you can find better prices and eat where the locals eat.
     Activities [Free - Paid]
Now I know I said to avoid tourist traps, but when you go home your friends are going to ask about the “Tourist Things” because it is all they know and think that NYC is. You have to do them, but don’t get stuck doing them and only them.
  1.  Top Free Activity: People Watching – Yes people watching. It is fun and its entertaining. I, along with many others who get bored or engage in social experiments go to Tourist Centers and unique areas to watch people. NYC is full of some of the most unique people in the world. Within in the span of one city block you can find; A millionair, An Actor, A homeless Man, A Religious Fanatic, A group of Drunk Girls, a Door Man, a Couple Making Out, a crazy person screaming, someone in a costume, a guy listing to music singing, and a normal person. That’s just one city block haha. You can entertain yourself for hours watching people.
  2. Sightseeing (Free Version) – Just go for a walk anywhere and you can explore and have your own adventure. Talk to random people, see what around. Integrate yourself into NYC Life.
  3. The Tree Lighting (Free) – See Our Wolf Famous Christmas Tree (November)
  4. New Years Eve (Free) – Just need to stand in crowd for 8-Hours (New Years)
  5. Visit any of our Parks (There are more than you think)
  6. Parades ($ For Alcohol) – Enjoy Any of our parades: Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patty’s Day, Puerto Rican Day, etc.
  7. Ice Skating (Sake Rental) – Sake in Rockefeller Center in the Winter Time
  8. Art Galleries (Free) – Look for exhibits like Andy Warhol
  9. Museums (Recommended Donation) – MoMa, MET, Sony, Radio, All of the famous ones, plus…The Sex Museum :)
  10. NYC Tour Bus ($$ – IDK) – Do It Once In Your Life
  11. Top Of The Rock ($50) – A unique experience to see the NYC skyline
  12. Dead Apple Tours ($60) – See the famous places of people who past away here
  13. Jeckle & Hyde’s (Okay Pricing) – Restaurent for Kids and Couples with a Halloween Type Atmosphere – Its a fun experience – Average Food
  14. Broadway Play – ($125 – $500) – Everything from Cirque Du Sole to Jersey Boys. A Must do! Deal with the price, this is true art.
  15. Helicopter Tour ($350 – $1000) – A once in a lifetime opportunity and actually decently prices
  16. For some of the most unique activieties and things to do read my “Manhattan’s Secret Location’s” Section

People Watching

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