A Moon Light Walk: Published Edition

[supertagline] “I wrote “A Moon Light Walk” with one purpose in mind; to shock, thrill, stun and strike my readers into a state of awe unlike any other”[/supertagline]

[aside title=”Synopsis”] He has done nothing to you, you don’t even know him, he just sits there, cold as stone; it was as if he met eye to eye with Medusa herself. The mood of the subway is heavy,… [/aside]…and the air thickens as the lights flicker off from the rubble on the tracks that rock the train as it darts to the next station. You both once again enter absolute darkness. Not a word, nor sound can be heard, just the repetitive trance like sounds of the subway trekking along the tracks.”

From The Press Release

He compares his story metaphorically to that of gun. “Other than reading it, there is no true way to describe it. – Hold the cold metal stock in the palm of your hand, you know the power that you so willing can choose to wield, your palm beings to sweat at the thought of absolute control. Stop! – This isn’t The Rabbit Hole, No. In a split second raise your gun, parallel to the floor, arms length, you don’t look down the signs, you already know what you are shooting at; but the trigger has already been pulled. Now exit your body and slow down your perspective. The muzzle flashes and an explosion of potassium chlorate and fine aluminum blinds you. The bullet glides out of the barrel spinning in circles, around and around. It can’t stop spinning, it wont stop, you already set that action into effect. All you can do now is watch as it flies out into the night. – The gun kicks back. Your arm flies up as you hear the sound of the bullet…Now that’s, “A Moon Light Walk.”

By: Mathus Marks


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A Moon Light Walk By: Michael Wolf

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