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Michael Wolf has been living in Manhattan for several years now. It wasn’t more than a few months ago that he decided to start shaving his Love of NYC and Writing. As a result of this “revelation”, the website you know now as MichaelWolf.Co.Uk was birthed. Having had the chance to go on an adventure with Michael Wolf himself has brought me to a whole new perspective and understanding of NYC and how it could be lived in. It was like living inside of his mind and experiencing life as Michael for a day. Manhattan will never look the same again. After many of our discussions I had learned how most of his writing came to be, and the process he undergoes to produce his work. “It is my goal to share all that I have and love with the world; I wan’t to make everyone smile and show people that no matter how bad life can be, you can still smile and have a good time. I don’t want anyone to know who I am, I just want to show…”

This last comment of his brought up a few questions, one being money. To Michael, writing isn’t about making money, he just wants to share; it is a hobby and love of his. “It is my dream to be able to walk into Starbucks one day and see another person reading something I wrote. Hey, I can dream…” On the other hand, he isn’t rich but is confident in his abilities to be able to make it to where he desires to be. As an occupation, he is actually, believe it or not, an avid Day/Currencies-Trader. He take the NYSE and Forex Market by the horns and it is an amazing sight. On one hand you have this down to earth, easy going guy and on the other, he can be this high-strung, aggressive equity trader. He does something called “Technical Analysis” which utilizes live graphs and charts mixed with mathematical indicators which allow him to make “Judgement Calls” or “Educated Trades.” He made me take out the word, “Predictions” as he says that there is no such thing, but in his case I’m not sure. He will move money around like chips on a poker table, anywhere from two to twenty times a day while trading on the NYSE and over twenty times while scalping in a FOREX trade session. He is usually in the profit but I have seen some Red from time to time.

It’s hard to believe that this is the same person. The same person who is a hopeless romantic and a writer, a marketer and a graphics designer, a day trader and a programmer, a fun person and just someone who likes to walk around NYC and meet people. He will never let you know these things, he will never brag unless asked. He has even been on TV several times. He will try his hardest to remain hidden. So long as he is, this page may stay up.

I had an argument about this last section with Michael. He doesn’t feel that his work is good, but he is still willing to trust his friends enough to put it all out there. He is his own hardest critic and works himself nearly to death.

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