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Mastering Twitter   How can one combat this? The answer is simple.   In order for a struggling author to strike it big He/She need only to master either Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, or any single Social Media outlet. Manage to master two or more and then you have your own “Social Network” working for you; driving traffic and eager readers to your website. Believe it or not, creating your own “Network” of networks is quite easy. The hard part is mastering each one individually first. Let us being by examining Twitter, one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, “Social Network” to market an Author on.

The Obvious Basics: 

  1. Twitter.Com (Http://www.Twitter.Com)
  2. Register For An Account
  3. Polish Your Account (Profile Image, Website or Blog, Bio, etc.)
  4. Add Your Close Friends
  5. Download Twitter Mobile For Your Smartphone


Let’s Break Outside Of  ”The Friend Sphere”:
There is Twitter for you and your friends, and then there is Twitter for Marketing
  1. Your Bio / Author Profile – Think of all of your friends Bio’s on twitter or Facebook. Now think of your famous Celebrity’s Bio; in fact, go look at their right now. A professional Bio is never written by the Author Themselves. A published, popular, and well liked Author’s Bio is always written by someone else. Have a friend write a Bio for you, or even write your Bio yourself but from this perspective: “Jamie has written and published 12 poems…” Where Jamie is you, naturally.
  2. Your Twitter Page - Your page will also need a profession theme. Twitpaper (http://twitpaper.com/) Offers a great free service for Twitter Themes. They are easy to install and Twitpaper has detailed instructions on how to do so. Your Profile Image – Make sure it represents you and your “Brand Image” make it as professional as possible. If you are going for a “Personable” image then make sure the picture that you upload of yourself is of the highest quality. Remember to ask yourself, “Would J.K.Rowling Use This Image On Her Twitter?” Following People – Don’t be afraid to follow every Author you like, every artist musican, and even TV show. Remember, you are building up a Brand Image of yourself as an author. You are no longer just using Twitter between your friends.
Tips To Grow & Gain Followers:
  1. You should post your website every so often, but only when there is an update or a new Blog Posts that you want to share. Make sure you also link directly to that post.
  2. Don’t Spam your follows, they will delete you
  3. Provide your followers with good content – make them want to follow you “Would you follow yourself as a write?” based on the posts that you are making…
  4. Post Images & Funny Things also – This isn’t just business. You are not only here to gain a following, but you are here to be yourself, or your Author Profile. Do just that, have fun and engage with your followers. This will help you grow.
Using Twitter:
  1. When typing a Tweet to post on your profile you can often use the “#” command before a popular keyword: #Reading. This will tag your Tweet under popular trends.
  2. You should also look on your Home Screen to see what is the new #GlobalTrend and see if you can engage in the conversation. Saying something relevant will also get your followers if other like what you have to offer.
  3. ReTweet your favorite Tweets that you receive and feel that others would like also
  4. You can also arrange Categories for yourself and sort the people and profiles that you follow

Enhancing Twitter [Web 2.0]:

In order to really break the mold and work from a Marketing Stand-Point, here are some useful tools and applications that can help…
  1. Twitter has a “Connect” Feature that allows you to connect your Twitter Profile to other online websites and tools such as Facebook, Youtube, Blogs, etc.
  2. Ping.Fm (Http://www.Ping.Fm) Is a great website to manage all of your social profiles. You can link your Twitter and Facebook together > Make A post on Ping.FM or send it in via Txt > Then it will automatically post to both profiles.
  3. TweetDeck (http://www.tweetdeck.com) Allows you to view and manage all of your Tweets, ReTweets, and Direct Message in one easy applet.
  4. URL Shortner’s : RePoSt (http://re.po.st/) Is a great website that allows you to shorten a URL (Website) that you are posting. We all know that Twitter has that annoying Post Limit – Posting a URL can make that even worse. RePoSt will help you out.
  5. YouLikeHits (Http://www.YouLikeHits.com) Instant Free Twitter Followers – Real People will follow you are grow your profile.
  6. Get Followers & Find People: Twello (http://www.twellow.com/) Is a an Online Twitter Community that anyone can join to help grow their Social Twitter Profile
  7. Social Status: TwitGrade (http://tweet.grader.com/) Is where you can go to check your influence on the Twitter Community and see how popular you are.
  8. Scheduled Tweets – Socialoomph: I do not recommend this but some people do Opt-in for “Scheduled Tweet Posting” (https://www.socialoomph.com/)
Getting Verified On Twitter:
  • A Verified account is an Twitter Account that is held highly by Twitter Corporate and the Verified Profiles are all well respected by the Twitter Community. Once you do get Verified, you will appear 68% as often as you did before on the “Recommended Follow” Section for new users.
  1. Do You Qualify? - Several reasons for obtaining a verified account on Twitter include being a highly recognizable public figure; athletes, artists, public officials, public agencies, etc., or if your name is parodied or impersonated on multiple Twitter accounts, leading to identity confusion. You will also need 100,000 + Followers.
  2. Read the “Verified Account Terms”
  3. Contact: https://twitter.com/#!/verified With the following information: Account Name, Full Name, Location, Official Website, Bio, Primary Contact, and other important unique information
  4. Wait: You should recieve a response withing 1 – 2 Weeks. If not:  https://twitter.com/about/contact
From Twitter To The Social Network:
Once you have a decent amount of followers and feel that you have a good hold on Twitter itself, it is time for you to engage in some other aspects of Social Media.
  1. InstaGram (http://instagr.am/) – An iPhone App that connects to your Twitter Feed and can post images
  2. Flickr (www.flickr.com) – Similar to above

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Social Networks:
  1. Facebook (Http://www.Facebook.com)
  2. Delicious (Http://www.Delicious.com)
  3. Digg (Http://www.Digg.com)
  4. StumbleUpon (Http://www.StumbleUpon.com)
  5. Reddit (Http://www.Reddit.com)
  6. Pintrest (Http://www.Pintrest.com)
  7. Google+ (Http://Plus.Google.com)

The best thing you can do is to share your Social Like, Follow, Tweet, Post, Add, Subscribe, and Publish buttons on your website and blog so that others can view and find your content easy.

Also remember, as an author you have to stay on top of your game. Mastering Twitter and Social media does not mean that you will become famous. All it means is that you are on your way and in the public sphere. Here are some quick publishing tips and tools:

Publishing Tip & Tools:

  1. E-Books: If you are writing an E-Book, it is not enough to just settle for the simple online format. You have to format your E-Book for the Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad, and Sony Reader. E-Readers are the future and as writers, we have to adapt to the ever changing ways of the world of technology.
  2. Formatting: Learn how to format your .PDF into a .ePUB so that it is Kindle & iPad ready
  3. Expand your knowledge and never stop learning
  4. Modeling: Adopt the skill of: “Modeling” – The ability to look at the professionals and follow what they do, in order to become a professional yourself.
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