On Positive Thought: Part II [Practical Applications]

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If you have not read the 1st part to this article please go back and do so as the information in Part II won’t make much sense.

If you have ventured into things such as “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” you know that they give a set a fundamental rules to follow along with three very important steps; I will be scientifically taking these steps apart, but not before preparing you properly for them. Some of you may be screaming at your computer right now, how can he explain something spiritual with science. If you have read the some of the philosophers I have mentioned in Part I (One), you will see that they describe this practice as a, “Spiritual Science.” From an abstract spiritual perspective the practical applications you are to follow are known as Spiritual Laws of the Universe or Nature not to different then our laws of the universe and the physical world such as but not limited it; Gravity, Energy, Light, Newton Law’s, Thermodynamics, Quantum Theory, and just general Physics. The laws they speak of operate under the same driving concept; they are: (1) laws of nature, (2) unchanging and can not be influenced, (3) are obeyed by nature 100%, (4) can not be destroyed. The only difference between the spiritual laws and our laws of physics is that as Human being born or imbue with “Free-Will” we can choose not follow them and live a mediocre life. This is too abstract for right now; we are going to start off grounded in science with a pragmatic stance.


First Steps To Controlling A Positive Mind

In order to control your own mind, by this I mean to be in control of your own thoughts, you must first be of a positive construct. It is normal for any person’s mind to be filled with worries, thoughts, fears, anxieties, problems, etc. Addressing each on individually would be a mentally and emotionally draining process. Instead one can engage in the simple practice of meditation. Preformed once a day, at least 10 minuets a day, will suffice in cleaning up your mental facilities and working out the strongest muscle in your body, your brain. Like you would work out and exercise any other muscles you can also work out your brain. This can be done through meditation and thought control. The main idea here to be able to clearn your mind and not let your mind control you. If you are able to control your thoughts and think only about what you choose to think about then you are on your way to being able to engage in constructive thought processes which will yield ideal manifestation. With out control of your own mind, you are at its mercy, and being at its mercy means that you are at the mercy of its uncontrolled thoughts, and those uncontrolled thoughts are the product of your environment which still has a hold over you. To control your thoughts is to be able to control your environment.  Let’s begin…

One great and simple form of mediation is as follows:

(1) Sit down in a comfortable chair, couch, or bed, and position your self in an ideal position from which you will not move for at least 10 minuets.

(2) Next you are to close you eyes.

(3) As you eyes close I want you to notice any sounds that you may hear. Quickly identify one and move onto the other. (You may hear the rattling of the radiator or the air-conditiong. All you have to do is isolate that sound, tell yourself that is the AC or the Heat, and then move onto the next ambient sound) Do this until you have identified each and every sound in the room.

(4) After you have gone through all of the ambient noises see if you can pick up on any smells; if not it’s okay.

(5) At this point you should have identified any distractions in your external environment. Now you can being your mediation.

(6) Turn your attention your breath as you breathe only though your nose. Feel warm air exhale out of nostrils and over your upper lip, feel the wisp and curl as it flow out into the air surrounding your body mixing into the room.

(7) As you begin to inhale (slowly) notice the difference in temperature, how the air is cooler and flows up your nostrils, thought the back of your nasal cavity and down into your lungs. If you can, imagine that as you inhale you see the air filling up the bottom of your lungs 1st as if you were to pour water in a cup. Once they are filled to the top, slowly exhale seeing feeling that warm air diffuse and mix into the atmosphere.

(8) Repeat this process for as long as possible.

(9) Soon thoughts may appear into your heard. This is good we want this to happen, it means you have began to enter into a Twilight meditative state, you are on your way to Positive Thought and full control of your life and your environment. As the 1st thought appears before you mind’s eye, give it a few moments of you time, view it and address it, but don’t live it in – That is the practice here, you can not get stuck in the thought living it; be it a memory, a situation, or even a new idea, you must address it and let it go to gain control.

(10) To do this, visualize the thought that you just addressed following down a river. Tell yourself, “As important as this thought may be there is a time and place for its reflection. Right now it is time for meditation. Thoughts are not welcome here now.” You may adapt this “affirmation” to fit yourself personally, but it must say, generally, the same thing.

(11) Do this for each any every thought that appear before you. Each time lessening the time it takes to address it and let it float peacefully down the river. Please note that it is impossible to erase a thought, by letting it float away, you are just gaining control over it, nothing else.

(12) As soon as you are able to sense that a thought is appearing before you and you spontaneously are able to command it away, down river you are able to advance. – Keep in mind this may take up to two weeks of daily practice. Move onto step (13) only when you feel that you are ready.

(13) When you are ready and you feel that you are able to push thought out of your mental scope with ease I want you to try and block off any thoughts from appearing. Upon success of this practice you will have a perfectly clear mind bringing you a peaceful mood, positive emotions, and a feeling that very few people often have the luxury to feel: No worries, No Fear, No Anxiety, just pure tranquilly and serenity. This is ideally where you want to be. This is being in control of your thoughts; this can lead to a constructive thought process and controlled external world. In addition, this clear, blank, mental space that you have created out of pure positivity and constructive ideals is the place where you will formulate, craft, idealize, and visualize your life, dreams, goals, and ideas, creations, and manifestations. This is your blank canvass.

I hope now that you can see the importance of simple positive thought. With out, you wouldn’t be able to meditate. You wouldn’t be able to have a canvass for you to formulate constructive thoughts.

What exactly is Positive Thinking? Positive Thinking is constructive thought. It is thought which leads to a new end product which has an outcome that helps or furthers the development and growth of yourself and/or other around you. It is pure and it is true. Destructive and negative thought take apart creation, they are entropic forces which aim to destroy rather than create. They are: Depression, Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Lack, Limitation, Hate, Discord, Chaos, Aggression, Violence, etc. These things will thwart your progression and and growth toward control, peace, tranquility, love, harmony, equilibrium, happiness, affection, romance and more. To think positively is to live by and/or strive to achieve the latter list. If the any of the negative items still remain in your life, the simple will for them to leave along with any positive thought practice will remove them, and remove them quickly and with ease.

How can you tell if a thought or idea or even action you perform is positive? Ask yourself, is this progressing myself or some other to a better way of living or making their life easier? Is this action mirroring a component of the negative or positive list? What thought did you have that produced this action or preceding thought? Meaning, did this action come about because someone cut you off you off in your car, pissed you off, and you chose to flip them off? Or did someone cut you off, and because you noticed the negative emotion of anger begin to appear, as a result of your meditative training of thought control (Which, if practiced and advanced every day will turn into emotional control on a conscience basis), you pushed the emotion away did the right/positive thing to do by forgiving him/her with a wave of your hand. An action like this will give you control of your environment. Examination time: You are driving on the Highway, a negative, depressed person with anger and violence issues who lives, clearly, in the external world, is mad because he was just fired. He was just fired because he stubbed his toe for 8th time and was late to work again. He is mad at the world for getting him fired, and for stubbing his toe. In his mind it is the entire World’s fault that he got fired, not his own; this is so because he lives externally in the world and has no idea an internal world exists. He has no idea that he external world is causing his negative emotions and thoughts of hatred. The external is controlling him and consequently he is adding to the external, his negative emotions and thoughts. For it is a fact that what we think influenced the external. He is pissed off, spreading negativity, manifesting and taking his anger out on the world and getting back it for firing him by cutting everyone he sees off on the world. Any other person who lives externally, like our pissed off driver, will be influenced negatively by him and the sword of fate which he appears to yield to external people. Now the their rest of their day will be bad and they will quote, “I don’t know what wrong, I guess I am just having a bad day.” Now our bad driver comes to you and decides to cut you off. However, you have been training, you don’t live in the external, you live in the internal world. You are a positive thinking person. He looks you in the eyes and cuts you off with a big simple of satisfaction on your face. You exercise your self control and you don’t let it get to you, you are now using positivity to negate any negative”ness” coming your way. He looks back to see you pissed off, but instead you smile and forgive him with a friendly wave. By doing this you have just taken control of the environment and his external world. Since the action you made was a positive one and one of constructive and progressive origin, you have brought this negative person something good in his life. You may not make him smile, but you just changed his entire thought process, possibly saving him or another person from getting into an accident. You were the sword/arm of fate in his mind at that moment. You were in control of him, but in a positive way. There have been situations I have met in central park where I have seen people depressed sitting down on the curb side. This one I remember seeing the lady upset and down, depressed. She was living externally, I didn’t like the look on her face and wanted her to smile, in addition I didn’t want her spreading negativity in the environment; I sat down next to her and asked her for the time, I was sure to remove my watch first. After using that simple conversational line to initiate a conversation I asked her if everything was okay and showed a simple interest in her. She explained how she was stressed out about her job and what not, and I answered saying, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll make it though, all you have to do is remember that with each difficult task we as people learn more and grow. After noticing the Catholic cross on her I asked, “Are you religious?” She responded, as expected, “Yes.” So I gave her quote that had been said to me back in Catholic Elementary School, “God never gives us more than we can handle. He will press us to our breaking points and bring us to the our limits, but never will he ever push us over.” After saying that to her the biggest smile came over her face and her mood changed from negative to positive. I, in turn, was also happy that I could help. It was as I was walking away that she said, “You are an angle, God sent you to help me.” I was about to say that I am not but letting her think that made her happy that God had reached out and touched her life making her happy and giving her strength. I pondered on what she had said for much time and came to several conclusions. Because I had influenced the external out of my control, thoughts and positive ideas formulated from my own internal world, I was a catalyst in that moment to bring about change to the environment. She viewed me as an arm or extension of fate, due to the fact that she was living in the external world. Her idea of fate or environmental control being, “God.” Interesting isn’t it. Due to the magnitude and degree of help I gave this woman, and going against the social norm to actually show interest in and to help a random stranger, I was attributed to an infinite force of the universe.

[Note: Religious Context]

Controversy may being to form in some of your minds with the last part – let’s dive further in. 1st answer these questions. Would your god (keep in mind, diverse group of readers) want you to live a depressed unhappy life? If your god could help reach out and touch a person how would he do it? Would the actions of your god be any bit negative or originate from a negative thought? These are all simple rhetorical questions. I’m going with the Catholic view of God right now. It is said that to be a follower of God, we are to do, “The Great Work” and to spread his message of peace and love. Simple, right? In Genesis, the creation story goes as far as to say that, “We are made in his image and onto his likeness..” It is saying that we are a lesser degree of God. That God is everywhere, everything, invisible, and visible. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. This being so, we are a apart of Him, living inside of Him, only to a lesser degree. Is it not his will for the progression and growth and mankind in the most positive and “Good-Natured” manor possible; to help our neighbors and treat them as we would wanted to be treated? Then I am going to go as far as to say, that be positively influencing our environment our of pure goodness and zero personal gain and benefit with the exception of receiving a smile is inline with the teachings of Jesus, or the Message of God, or the will Buddha…etc. To help other in this manor and bring them to a higher level of cognition and understanding, to bring smiles and show people positive living, to allow and help others to be happy, accomplish their dreams, live out life in the best way possible, so long as it is out of a good-hearted nature, we as Positive Influential People have the saving grace of our Religion. If you aren’t religious and are being positive just to help and further yourself, this is perfectly fine. I only add this section to address potential arguments and criticism that certain people may have.


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