[Poetry] A New York City Night’s Eye


While walking through the streets of Manhattan one night, after studying a few famous poets, I was stopped by a traffic light on the corner of Lex and 28th. I began to wonder, to recall my walk over to this spot. Like magic, words began to come Instantaneously to mind. At first I thought that my mind was playing back a poem I had read earlier; a tape recorder going on in my head. It kept going. I soon realized that I didn’t know this poem, it was new. I was writing it in that moment – my sub-conscience was spitting it out. I rushed into my pocket and began to write it down in my Image Journal. I never was a fan of spontaneous poetry and never could realize why some poets refused to edit and revise their work. It wasn’t until it happened to me, that is transcendental poem just came out of me that I realized that I couldn’t revise it. It was a reflection of my sub-conscience and it was beautiful. Naturally, I formatted it, but that was all I could revise. I hope you enjoy.

Step Set,

     | The sidewalk echoes in my travels. |

The Passers By,

     | Shapeless faces race in every direction – the streets, filled. |

The City Streets, My Field, My Time,

     | The air stinks of the battle. Stride. Don’t trip. Watch your step. Don’t get hit. |

Walk Hard.

     | Head to the sky. Your time is precious. |

Tread Straight.

     | The shortest distance between you and I is a straight line. |

The Night To My Eye.

     | My perception sees no boundaries. |

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