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Michael Wolf [Dot] Co [Dot] Uk’s Publishing Guidelines

As of 2/27/12 we are proud to announce that we have opened up MichaelWolf.Co.Uk to the public for live submissions. We are accepting your stories, articles, headlines, and more. We have a strict submission review board and only will be accepting work that passes through Michael Wolf himself or one of his team members.


  • You Must Copyright Your Work (CC – Creative Commons or C Traditional Copyright)
  • Any unsolicited work will not be read
  • All work must be “Publish Ready” – Even we have spelling and grammatical errors which we still have to edit, we can overlook and edit yours. We are not douche bags but we can’t have sloppy work.
  • Format your work properly

Submission Process:

  1. Write Your Story/Article/Headline
  2. Get a CC License or C Copyright
  3. Add your license to your work
  4. Save it as a .Doc/.PDF/.DOCX/.TXT/.RTF (Only 1mb)
  5. Head over to MichaelWolf Contact or Click “Contact”
  6. Select “Submission” in the Subject Box
  7. Write a little bit about yourself and your submission
  8. Attach the file
  9. Sorry for the Human Verification In advance
  10. Send
  • We will review each submission in a 3-5 Day window
  • We will contact each Author


What Happens Next?:

  • If selected, you will published on a new section of MichaelWolf.Co.Uk
  • Your page will go live and your submission will undergo live professional marketing by Directive Styles Media – Gratis as a Thank You from M.W.
  • Your Page will have its own unique Social Media Buttons
  • In addition you will have Social Tracking Metrics (We are working on allowing user accounts to have live reports) – You will be emailed generated daily/weekly reports of your page’s traffic
  • You can aslo opt-in to receive a Google Analytic’s Report on your page traffic if you choose
  • Top submissions may be featured on M.W.’s new articles


Tips and How To’s:

  • Copyrighting Your Work For Free: CreativeCommons is a Non-Profit Organization that utilizes are rights to formulate and protect your work. Get A CC License or Learn More After receiving a license, place the generated CC content below your submission’s title. It doesn’t take more then 5-min your first time.
  • Copyright Your Work Professionally: To receive a legal US Government Copyright proceed to eCO The US Copyright Office’s Online Copyright Database or you can Learn More.
  • Getting a Free ISBN#: Once you have Copyrighted your work head over to SmashWords and submit your work to public distribution; they will supply you with an ISBN. MichaelWolf.Co.Uk doesn’t require one what so ever but it is useful for serious authors.
  • Have a Scribd?: Click Embed/Share on your E-Book tab’s and send the URL over to us.
  • Attaching an image: We only accept files that are about 1mb – Include a URL to your image, even host it on LightBox, InstaGram, or Flikr
  • For Question/Comments/Concerns Click the Contact Tab


MichaelWolf.Co.Uk Submission Policy – We [] reserve the right to deny any and all submissions. Only submissions that adhere to the above mentioned guidelines will be reviewed all other will be discarded without being read. We do not accept unsolicited  material as it does cause for legal issues and a whole damn mess. Michael Wolf has been extreamly generous with what is offered to chosen submissions. Any research into Internet Marketing would show you that prime placed backlinks, social web 3.0 media connections, and RSS syndication lead the way for generating traffic, so please submit your best work.

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