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[An Immediate Update] Whitney Houston’s Death

[supertagline] Shocking News Update! Death Of Whitney Houston [/supertagline] Updated: 12:59pm (2/12/12) [We are staying with the story to keep you updated!] “Share you thoughts and leave her a loving message in the comment section…” Hours after I had just … Continue reading

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On Positive Thought : Part I

[superquote] Note (2/19/12): This Article Is Currently Undergoing Editing [/superquote] [aside title=”Modern-Thought”] Due to recent “New Age” movements and ideals many of us have avoided one of the most useful tools we as humans possess… [/aside] After studying countless aspects … Continue reading

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[Poetry] A New York City Night’s Eye

  While walking through the streets of Manhattan one night, after studying a few famous poets, I was stopped by a traffic light on the corner of Lex and 28th. I began to wonder, to recall my walk over to … Continue reading

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The Hurricane Club

[aside title=”Tropical-Cuisine”] The only thing I can say to describe this restaurant is, “Vacation!” [/aside] Palm Trees, Tiki Bar, The Volcano Room, their own Rum, and even a shoe shine.

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NYC Adventuring: Urban Studies

[aside title=”UrbanAid”] There is a world outside of this City; let’s share some facts and navigational tips about it.[/aside] How to traverse the City. New York City is home to a timeless art, the Art of Jay Walking. Jay walking … Continue reading

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